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Sharing Our Talents With the Community

The Arts Barn LLC focuses on bringing individuals together as a community through music, dance, theatre, and other arts. Though our focus is on the arts, we help individuals on their path to becoming their best self. We give importance to serving and giving back to the community.

About the Director

Lora Garcia is a Georgia native who, with her husband of seventeen years and their four children, moved to Greensboro for its small-town, community feel.  Lora was inspired by the arts from a young age, clogging with her brother as a preschooler, and singing and dancing with her mom. These abilities were honed in Rockdale County's Class Act Show Choir, numerous theatrical performances, and as a member of the color guard at Rockdale County High School.  After college, she went on to work with differently-abled, as well as typically-abled students, where she came to appreciate more fully what each individual had to contribute to those around them.

     At 19, Lora, launched her first dance program in Conyers, supported by Conyers' first clogging teacher, Carol Brown.  Lora specializes in Appalachian-style Clogging, America's national folk-dance. As the program grew, she developed a focus on Clogging For a Cause - using the talents of the group to raise funds for hurricane and tsunami victims, filling food pantries, and buoying the spirits of those in nursing homes and care facilities. Over the years Lora has choreographed shows for Woodward Academy, Heritage High School, Class Act and Eastminster School; taught music at the Montessori School of Covington; directed original theater productions and assisted Mary Lynn Luke at Eastminster School.

     Lora had the opportunity to represent the United States overseas several times in Folk Dance Festivals through her participation with Special Edition Cloggers.  Lora's own clogging troupe, Sole Momentum (formerly known as Toe Jam Time) has represented the US at The RIFE International Children's Folk Festival in France. In addition every summer, Sole Momentum entertains at Kirk Cameron's Camp Firefly, a retreat for critically-ill children and their families in Callaway Gardens.

     Her love of service and the arts has led Lora to embark on a vision of serving the Greensboro community through programs offered at The Arts Barn.

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